As Featured in Deliberate Magazine. The Carlin by Mihoko. The Active Woman's Accessory
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci
This may be little too transparent, but I believe honesty is always the best policy. The most expensive part of The Carlin is the wire specially made.  If you go to a specialty store, you can buy the small amount of this wire for $17. And because The Carlin has a wire inside, part of sewing must be done by hand. You can’t use sewing machine when stitching is required around the wire...  This makes The Carlin more expensive than some other hair product, but I believe it’s well worth it. The primary purpose of this site is not to sell, per se. The Carlin is a hair accessory I use everyday to simplify getting ready. I hope it can do the same for you! There was a lot of research and development that went into making it.  I am still constantly working to improve The Carlin and find more cost effective way to manufacture without sacrificing the quality.  And I use family-run manufacturers. No sweat shop that mistreats its people. One important thing to know is I offer a free replacement in case of any defect within 30 days from date order was delivered. And to set the right expectation, please note that I'm unable to provide a refund for used items because I can’t re-sell for sanitary reasons.
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"I put my hair in a beautiful side ban with The Carlin to go to work.  I take it off  to enjoy nice curly hair for HH.  
No more damaging my hair with curling iron!"
Naomi K. San Francisco CA
"I never ever have time to really do my hair in the morning. 
But with the carlin, I can do a very lovely updo that looks pretty & professional"
Emily H. New York City NY
"I purchased this on kind of a whim and can confirm that it stays in your hair great and the waves and curls happen relatively quickly and stick around for me for most of the day. I have a lot of layers in my long hair though so find getting them into the accessory a bit trickier than all of these ladies with one length hair in the video may lead you to believe. 
I would still buy it knowing that." 
Rebecca C. Boston MA
" I LOOOOOOVE my Carlin!!! As a twin mom it holds my hair so neatly and securely! I have to say though as a woman who wears extensions it is the best around! There is no tension, it doesn't pull on my hair but somehow keeps its tightly in place. So comfy to sleep in too!!! I've used it every single day since I received it!!!" 
Liz H. Foster City CA
"I was very skeptical that this would work on my really thick hair but it does!! I've styled it three different ways tonight- I can't stop playing around with the possibilities. And I've NEVER been one to style my hair. This is super cool. Thank you!!!"
Courtney M. Dallas TX
"I love mine. It stays put all day, even through a workout, and it's even comfortable to sleep in. 
I don't get the breakage that I got using hair ties. Highly recommend." 
Angela G. San Jose CA
"I can get ready much faster now. Thank you!" 
Kelly K. Miami FL