"I used to struggle to get ready quickly in the morning until..."
  •  ONE&DONE: The Carlin makes it simple. You don’t need any bobby pins or hair clips to hold your updo. One accessory and you’re done
  •  HEATLESS WAVES: When you remove the Carlin after 15 minutes*, you’ll have soft, frizz-free waves 
  •   ALWAYS COMFORTABLE: The Carlin molds to your head shape, so you’re always comfortable 
  •   HAIR EXTENSION FRIENDLY: Works well with hair extensions
"I put my hair in a beautiful side banwith The Carlin to go to work.  I take it off  to enjoy nice curly hair for HH.  
No more damagingmy hair with curling iron!"
Naomi K. San Francisco CA
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  •  The Carlin's wire structure allows you to twist the ends to tighten the updo. This is why you will get beautiful curls from wearing The Carlin. Other accessories don't have the same benefit
  •  Other updo accessories are often made with plastic or sponge materials, which require users to hide it once it's in their hair. The Carlin is made with high quality velveteen to accent your hair so you won’t want to hide it! That’s why no bobby pins are required. One accessory and you're done!
  • Other updo accessories are significantly shorter than The Carlin. This might not be big deal if you have just right amount of hair to use other updo accessories, but it's often an issue for those with thin or thick hair. When I designed The Carlin, I wanted to make sure women with all hair types can use the accessory. Also, by extending the length of accessory, user can twist or bend the ends together to secure the finished look. And that’s why with The Carlin, you will have a hairstyle that stays put all day.